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I hope you enjoy looking at the wonderful artwork from Duchesne Academy Lower School. Lower School consists of girls, grades pre-k through fourth. Unfortunately I have not kept record of all the successful projects, but here is a good sampling. Check out the artwork by grade level, but realize that each activity can be used for multi-grades. Click on an image to see a larger view.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Gesture Sculptures

 Fourth graders loved the figure unit and making these expressive figure sculptures. We began the unit by studying the human form and proportions. The girls moved on to wooden artist models for gesture drawings, and then posed for each other for gestures and completed drawings. After they has a good grasp of proportion and scale, they were introduced to the 3-d process.

For these sculptures, the girls first made an armature of pipe cleaners. They then covered the pipe cleaners in foil to get a more realistic shape. Finally they used plaster gauze to cover the armature. Add tempera paint and details and voila!


  1. You can do something similar with an older class but use wire hangers and newspaper with masking tape. Later, paper mache and paint them. After, give them a coat of varnish and use some hair to give them a more realistic look as well as hand make the clothes, it takes a while, but it always turns out really well!

  2. Very cool project. Any tips on storing them through our the process?

  3. Mindy, that was tricky. I just cleared off a counter and put a plasstic table-cloth down. I wrote their names on a spot where they placed their fugures every week. It took up a lot of space, so I didn't do other 3-d stuff at the same time. It took a few days to dry in between classes because I live in humid Houston.