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I hope you enjoy looking at the wonderful artwork from Duchesne Academy Lower School. Lower School consists of girls, grades pre-k through fourth. Unfortunately I have not kept record of all the successful projects, but here is a good sampling. Check out the artwork by grade level, but realize that each activity can be used for multi-grades. Click on an image to see a larger view.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fauve, collage, portrait, color theory

These torn paper collages were created by fourth graders. First I showed them a PowerPoint of the Fauves (Matisse, Derain etc.). The girls were given copies of faces found in magazines and then tore paper to cover the facial features below.

Georgia O'Keefe

What's an art class without the Georgia O'Keefe project? The girls used tempera and were given photos of flowers to use as reference.

positive/negative, complimentary colors, drawing from life

The girls in fourth grade reviewed complimentary colors and positive negative space while creating these nature drawings. They are completed with colored pencil. I had branches on every table for them to observe while drawing the plant.

Pop art, sculpture, textile





Fourth grade had a blast learning about Pop Art and Claes Oldenburg. We viewed a PowerPoint of Oldenburg's work and discussed what the pop art movement was all about. They then sketched ideas and made patterns of their favorite food item with thin paper. I gave them a large choice of felt to use and went over some very basic sewing with them. After they started problem solving we realized that it was important to figure out the order the pieces should be put together.

collage, shapes

Pre-k made these kooky creatures after we discussed shapes. I read a book to them about shapes, we pointed out shapes in the room, and then I gave them a big box of pre-made shapes to dig through. They were told to make an animal using the shapes, but it didn't have to be "real".

radial symmetry, assemblage

After showing the girls a PowerPoint of radial symmetry (rose Windows, flowers, other man-made objects like pinwheels), I gave them each 6 paper straws. They made their own radial symmetry snowflakes by cutting and arranging the straws. If they needed more straws, I allowed them to have more.

collage, self portrait

The kindergartners loved making these self portraits. They started out only making faces, but some of the girls added their bodies below. I gave them pre-made "heads" to trace onto their chosen skin color. They took it from there!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kandinsky, collage, repetition

Third graders created these colorful collages after studying the works of Kandinsky. We talked about non-objective art and repetition of shapes and colors to create cohesiveness. They were allowed to use templates supplied to them if they wanted.

Odilon Redon, constructiuon paper crayons, composition

This project had spectacular results. The class learned about Odilon Redon and viewed some of his works on a PowerPoint. Next, the girls drew flowers on white paper. They were given pictures of flowers to look at, but could also make up their own. Next they chose three flowers that were their favorite. We discussed the importance of having repetition of flowers to make the arrangement cohesive. They drew their vases, flowers and table-top with pencil on a piece of black paper. Next they traced over their whole picture with glue (have them practice writing with glue before hand). After the glue dries, they colored the spaces with construction paper crayons. The results were gorgeous!

silk hoops, nature drawings, color theory

I saw this silk hoop kit in a catalogue and decided to try it out. First we went outside and drew trees around the school. The girls were given a silk hoop which they placed on top of their tree drawings, and moved it around until they saw an image they liked. They traced the image lightly onto the hoop with pencil. The kit comes with a resist that they used to outline their drawings, then they used the dye to paint them. This was a good color theory activity because the dye would blend with the color next to it. If they put two complimentary colors next to each other, they might not like what they saw.

warm/cool colors, watercolor pencils, contour line drawings, overlapping

This fourth grade project covered a lot of ground. I had lots of vases and containers for them to look at. We discussed what contour line drawing is, and they were required to overlap objects. They also had to choose either a warm color for the background with cool colors for the vessels or vise-versa. Every one looked unique!

Jasper Johns, mixed media

I love Jasper Johns, and wanted to teach the girls about him. This was a time-consuming project, but the girls loved it. I showed them a PowerPoint of his work and we discussed what makes an object a symbol. We talked about changing important symbols that were very recognizable and meaningful. Does it cease to be the American flag if it is glittered and pink? We had a great conversation!
I wanted to make sure that there was a variety of materials so that we could have many different looking flags, without all the craziness. So I made each table a work station with designated supplies(for instance, if you sat at table 4, you would get watercolor crayons, paper stars and magazine strips). I called names and allowed them to choose what table they would be working at to make their flag. We started with rulers and drew the basic design with pencil, then they went to town!

Jim Dine, tempera cakes

We completed this project right around Valentine's Day. After looking at a Powerpoint of Jim Dine's hearts, the first grade girls were given a heart template to trace. They used tempera cakes to paint them and had free choice of colors and design. Every one was beautiful!