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I hope you enjoy looking at the wonderful artwork from Duchesne Academy Lower School. Lower School consists of girls, grades pre-k through fourth. Unfortunately I have not kept record of all the successful projects, but here is a good sampling. Check out the artwork by grade level, but realize that each activity can be used for multi-grades. Click on an image to see a larger view.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Odilon Redon, constructiuon paper crayons, composition

This project had spectacular results. The class learned about Odilon Redon and viewed some of his works on a PowerPoint. Next, the girls drew flowers on white paper. They were given pictures of flowers to look at, but could also make up their own. Next they chose three flowers that were their favorite. We discussed the importance of having repetition of flowers to make the arrangement cohesive. They drew their vases, flowers and table-top with pencil on a piece of black paper. Next they traced over their whole picture with glue (have them practice writing with glue before hand). After the glue dries, they colored the spaces with construction paper crayons. The results were gorgeous!


  1. Either your students a super talented or you are an amazing art teacher! Or both! 4th grade? Great results! Do you mind if I pin some of these on pinterest?

    1. Actually, this was one of those projects that worked for everyone. It was amazing what they ended up with; all looked beautiful! I love it when that happens. I also nag them a lot about filling spaces and coloring neatly:) Of course you can share!